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Civilly Disobedient

This Saturday I joined hundreds of thousands of others in protesting against the UK government’s harsh, illogical, unfair and ideologically driven austerity policies. It wasn’t my first protest; although I have an anxiety disorder and struggle with large crowds, and … Continue reading

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“I wish we talked more about…” Part 2: Periods

Part 1 – women and sex A while back one of my fellow humourless killjoy feminist friends came up with the idea of a list of “Things we wished people spoke more openly about”. The conversation that ensued lead to several … Continue reading

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Rockstar Dinosaur Pirate Princess’s 9 super sex tips

So someone sent me a link to this article, based on a book, about sex tips written for men by a gay woman. As much as I see that it’s well meant, and well intentioned, something about it really bugged … Continue reading

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