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Today is the first post-birthday-party-Sunday in more than 20 years where I have woken up without a hangover. Every birthday I’ve had since I was old enough to  have friends with fake ID has involved significant amounts of alcohol. The … Continue reading

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Dinosaurs for Feminism

This week my attention was drawn to a Facebook group that made me so angry I had to listen to loud music and punch a cushion to prevent all of the crockery in the flat being smashed to bits and … Continue reading

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“Ornithoscelidaphobia” is the fear of dinosaurs. Pointing out to someone with ornithoscelidaphobia that it is completely irrational to be scared of dinosaurs because they have been extinct for 65 million years isn’t going to elicit the response “oh really? Brilliant, thanks, I … Continue reading

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Support the strike

Since 2010 pay freezes, below inflation incremental pay ‘rises’ and redundancies mean that I am doing the work of three people for what is essentially a pay cut. And I’m lucky. I earn enough and have a life situation where … Continue reading

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Like mother, like Dinosaur Pirate

For the last few weeks I have had the pleasure of hosting Mummy Rockstar Dinosaur Pirate. She emigrated around 8 years ago, and hasn’t been in this country since my thirtieth birthday, when a group of the most amazing friends … Continue reading

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