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a non-academic feminist

I discovered that I was a¬†feminist on 4th June 2007. I can pinpoint it with that much accuracy due to my old LiveJournal. ¬†After a particularly bad week of being shouted at in the street or propositioned by strangers I’d … Continue reading

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As I write, I literally have a head full of fluff. Not ‘literally’ as it has come to mean, whereby people actually mean ‘figuratively’. I really do have a head full of fluff. I am not sure what it is … Continue reading

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Undomesticated Goddess

“Cooking? Gardening? Who are you and what have you done with my daughter? And before you ask Dad for help just remind him about when he thought our Brussels sprouts were cabbages gone to seed…” This was a comment left … Continue reading

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It’s the glass that counts, not what you put in to it

This weekend was a big test for my continued sobriety. A combination of a full social calendar and a most unseasonable weather forecast I suspected that my resolve would be sorely tested. I will admit, I wasn’t sure I was … Continue reading

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Can’t cook, shan’t cook

This weekend I made pancakes. This sounds like such a simple statement, right? Millions of people make pancakes in March for pancake day. People make pancakes all the time. They aren’t really particularly complex. The thing is, I don’t. I … Continue reading

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